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About Us

Surfsipuedes.com, “The Surf Guide to Mexico”, is an online directory focused on surfing in Mexico and all things necessary to surf throughout Mexico. Whether you are looking for surf gear or looking to set up the perfect surf trip, Surfsipuedes.com is your best choice.

Throughout the years, we have travelled throughout Mexico enjoying the best surf spots and making friends with the locals. We know the ins-and-outs and will be happy to share our knowledge with you in order to make your surfing experience one to remember.

Surfsipuedes started in 2005 and has evolved into this fabulous surf directory. In the beginning stages, Surfsipuedes produced the first surf festival in Mexico, combining Surf, Music and Art. After that, Surfsipuedes evolved into retail stores and was heavily involved in the design of apparel and surfboards. Since 2010, Surfsipuedes has designed and manufactured custom surfboards with international quality and local prices.

In 2016, Surfsipuedes stepped away from the retail business and remained focused on surfboard design and manufacture. However, surfers throughout the world continue looking to Surfsipuedes for guideance with regard to surfing in Mexico. That is why this directory was created in order to continue sharing the stoke.

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